Welcome to We Tolerate fun.


This is the place to be for everything that has to do with games and other social events like livestreaming, playing together, competition, tips and tricks, lanparties, sports, social events, ...


In the society we live in today people judge over others very easily, for example: "kids who play violent games will become violent kids" and so on and so on.

In our group, we put FUN at the first place, you can do whatever you want, the way you want without being judged.


What do we do? Mainly we play games together but we also do livestreams and lanparties. We also have a lot of members who play Airsoft (a paintball like sport) and we have members that like to race cars, tune cars, we have members that like to program, or people that just like to have a nice chat.


If all of the above sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to contact us, we can always use new members!

We welcome everybody that wants to game with us or join us in any of our events, you don't need to be a pro, as long as you are friendly towards others you are welcome!